information about us ..

Atlas Gold Istanbul Group was established in 2014 in Turkey to be close to all foreigners in Turkey and is dedicated to the expertise of its team to provide the best services in the field of tourism and car rental to make the trip to Turkey to customers ideal and complete, and our most important services that we are proud to provide:

Excursions within Istanbul.
Daily tours around Istanbul.
Private tours in Turkish areas.
Car rental with or without driver.

At Atlas Gold Istanbul Group, we strive to make our services comprehensive and comfortable for all groups in Turkey.

Organization and Diversity of Tasks:

We have a dedicated team for all the tourism business including reservations, trips and others with long experience in its field to provide the best services to customers.

Gain confidence:

It is important for the customer to feel that their business and services are in place and that they will be delivered to their best.

Providing the best cars for rent:

We strive to provide our customers with a distinctive range of vehicles that suit their demand in terms of type, size and specifications.

Speed in performance:

We understand that the customer needs to get his service in the shortest possible time, so we rely on our work on the speed of completion combined with the required proficiency.

We are with you wherever you are ..

You can always communicate with Atlas Gold Istanbul team whether you are in Turkey or abroad. We coordinate the required tasks and procedures and keep in touch with you until you get your final service.

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