Turkish law regulates various legal procedures for foreigners living in Turkish territory or wishing to work or study there.

In this area, we provide the most important legal services that bind every foreigner to Turkish territory. You can request the following services:

1- Establishment of companies in Turkey:

Many foreign investors are setting up companies that cater to their commercial and service interests in Turkey as the most attractive destination for business in the region.

The state provides legal procedures for the establishment of companies in Turkey, and does not require much time or effort from the owner of the company.

A business company in Turkey can contact the legal services team at Al-Ruwad Turk to coordinate the required procedures and complete the incorporation procedures within a period not exceeding 3 days. These procedures are as follows:

Companies in Turkey have several types that can be shortened by the following types:

1 – Solidarity company.

2 – Limited liability company.

3 – A simple recommendation company.

4 – Joint stock company.

Here the headquarters can be on one of the following types depending on the nature of the company and its business and the desire of the investor:

  • A real office where you can work: It is an office on Turkish land that is paid for one month in addition to the amount of insurance, and this requires approximately 5000 Turkish lira.
  • A virtual office that can not be used: an office that is already registered and registered at the State but can not be used in the work. It is purely physical and just a title for the company only within Turkey for the necessities of completing the papers. Of course, this is perfectly legal and has no problems.

and it is:

– A translated and certified copy of the owner’s passport.

– His tax number.

– Security approval allowing him to establish a company in Turkey.

The Turkish law defines the establishment of companies as a minimum capital of the company. The amount is estimated at 10,000 Turkish lira.

This amount must be deposited in a bank account of the company in a Turkish bank within a period of 24 months from the date of incorporation of the company.

And the presence of a legal accountant for the company to perform the tasks of payment of taxes and the certification of documents and others, and the existence of books of accounts on behalf of the company, in addition to the adoption of a signature of the company at the end of the proceedings.

2 - Extracting all types of residences for foreigners:

One of the first things that a foreigner is interested in when arriving in Turkey is to obtain a residence that makes his presence in Turkey and the conduct of his affairs fully legal.

We are interested in the pioneer Turk to insure all types of residences for foreigners, and the most important types:

Foreigners who enter Turkey under a tourist visa can apply for a tourist visa if they wish to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days.

To arrange your stay there are a number of steps you can take:

  • Appointment from the Department of wishes and can be booked before arrival to Turkey to shorten the time (and secure the date from the core work of our team).
  • Health insurance (to be secured by our team).
  • The existence of a tax number (extracted upon arrival in Turkey).
  • A certified lease of the notar in the name of the person for a period not less than one year.
  • A copy of the passport, including a copy of the visa and stamp of entry (the passport must be valid for more than six months).
  • Personal Photos (4 Images).

Owners of foreign companies in Turkey or foreign employees of Turkish companies can obtain the so-called work permit and obtain employment in Turkey.

The residents of the residence benefit from the opportunity to apply for Turkish citizenship after 5 years of residence. They can also obtain a Schengen Visa for Europe and Visa for China. Health insurance and social security can also be used for their bearer and their families.

Entry to work requires the following conditions, which can be provided by the Pioneer Turk Group:

  • Copy of a passport valid for more than 6 months, translated and certified by the Notar.
  • The existence of the tourist residence is valid.
  • Personal photos of the applicant.
  • A study certificate translated into Turkish and certified by the Notre Dame.
  • If the applicant is an employee, a signed and signed employment contract is required between the employee and the company owner, or if there is a license for the company if the applicant owns a company.

3 - Extraction of health insurance ..

The move to obtain health insurance in Turkey is one of the first steps to be taken in Turkey, it is required in many other procedures, especially the extraction of residency.

The Legal Services team at Al-Ruwad Turk serves you to obtain health insurance in Turkey, enough to communicate with our team and provide us with the necessary information to extract it and we will do the job and deliver you insurance in record time.

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