The plans for urban expansion and the spread of modern and advanced real estate projects in Turkey today, makes the real estate market prosperous in various types of real estate and different ways of dealing with them throughout the territory of Turkey.

This has been one of the most attractive factors for the attention of investors to Turkey, so we offer in the pioneer Turk Group of services in the real estate field of interest to all investors and include:

1 - Buying a property in Turkey ..

The real estate properties (warehouses, warehouses, factories and workshops), and agricultural real estate (land and orchards) can be purchased in Turkey from residential properties (apartments and villas), commercial properties (shops, malls and offices).

The Turk Group has the basic keys to buying property in Turkey, in terms of knowledge of the best areas for each type of property and the most vital, in addition to securing the best offers and real estate in the latest projects in Turkey.

We provide the client with multiple and detailed options for real estate to make his or her choice of property the right option to the fullest extent possible.

2- Producing a title deed for real estate ..

Ownership of the property in Turkey is followed by procedures and formats for the transfer of ownership from the seller to the buyer, and the extraction of title to the property that allows the freedom to dispose of it.

Since we are a pioneer in the integration of our services we can rely on our staff to complete all the procedures in this area and to obtain a title to your property after you buy it.

It is worth mentioning that owning a property in Turkey gives you the opportunity to obtain a real estate residence that qualifies you for citizenship after five years.

3 - Rent the property after buying it ..

In Turkey, we are aware of the desire of many foreign property owners in Turkey, after purchasing any real estate of any kind, to lease this property and benefit from the material revenues from it.

Often, the owners of these properties are outside Turkey and are not entitled to tenant insurance on their own, or the nature of their work and the circumstances of their relations may not allow them to be in Turkey to obtain the right tenant for their property.

Therefore, we harness our expertise and knowledge in the real estate market to serve customers in renting their properties owned in Turkey, whether they are inside or outside.

Our team coordinates between the owner of the property and the tenant in full and the installation of the lease and the amount required and transferred to the client to make things easy and easy.

Selling the property.

Our real estate services in Turk are not limited to buying or renting the property. If the landlord wants to sell it, our team can do the job.

Our team assesses the value of selling the property, offering it for sale and coordinating all the procedures for transfer of ownership between the seller and buyer without having the owner to be in Turkey, or wasting time searching for the right buyer and price of the property.

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