About us ..

Al Rwad Turk Group was established in 2019 in Turkey to be close to all foreigners in Turkey and is dedicated to providing the best services in a variety  of fields including

Real estate services

Commercial services

Legal services

Tourist services

Medical services

We aim at Al Rwad Turk to be a comprehensive and convenient service for all categories located in Turkey, we through our work focus on:

Organization and diversity of tasks:

We have a dedicated team for each type of service with long experience in its field to provide the best services to customers.

Gain confidence:

It is important that the customer feels that his / her business and services are in the right place and that they will be completed as fully as they wish.

Securing the best sources:

Especially in the field of real estate, trade and medical services is one of the basic things that everyone is looking for when he comes to Turkey.

Speed of performance:

We recognize that the customer needs to get his service as soon as possible, so we rely on our work on the speed of completion accompanied by the required proficiency.

We are with you wherever you are ..

You can always communicate with the Turk team, whether you are in Turkey or abroad. We coordinate the required tasks and procedures and stay in contact until you are finally served.

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