The Turkish government has recently given much attention to the trade sector, and this attention has been positively reflected on the development of trade and its prosperity internally and externally.

The business of all those working in this field has begun to move towards Turkey thanks to its variety of administrative products and facilities.

We have worked at Pioneers Turk to gather expertise and competencies in the commercial field to provide our clients with services that suit their requirements and include:

1- Import and export:

It is known that the importation of any goods from any country in the world requires the trader to inspect the goods and complete the import procedures.

The export of any goods outside the country requires knowledge of export laws and securing sources of shipping, which often requires time and effort.

But today with the services of a team of experts in the field of import and export in the pioneer Turk, it is no longer needed for all of this.

Our team provides expertise in the field of Turkish trade in import and export operations, without bothering the client to come to Turkey.

Our team believes in the goods and carries out the required customs clearance process and the shipping companies to reach the goods to the customers and they are in their country very easily.

Here are some of the pioneers of Turk’s portfolio of papers required to:

1. Importing goods from Turkey:

  • Commercial or industrial register of the importer.
  • Tax card.
  • Import license.
  • A bill to pay the value of the invoice (and be from the bank when the value of the goods).
  • General Delegation of the Customs Clearance.

2- Exporting goods from Turkey:

  • Commercial invoice.
  • Certificate of origin of goods.
  • Packing regulations.
  • Certificates related to the type of goods (eg vaporizers for wood products and health certificates for food products).
  • Quality certificates (required by some countries only).

2 - securing sources of Turkish products:

One of the most important points in the business process is the selection of suitable goods at reasonable prices from the country of origin, which of course requires experience in knowing the best sources and getting good quotes.

We provide the Turkish product sources for the customer wherever they may be. Our team takes the basic information from the customer about the type of product and its quantity and then offers quotations from multiple sources with the possibility of sending samples for inspection.

After the client has chosen the most suitable source, he will be agreed upon and the goods will be processed and shipped to the customer in his country without having to come to Turkey.

We are interested in securing the best sources of Turkish goods that have the required quality, whether in the products of clothing, footwear, food products, medical and industrial furniture and equipment, etc.

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