The health side in Turkey today has witnessed a remarkable development in terms of medical personnel with competence, experience and diversity in specialties, and in terms of advanced hospitals equipped with the latest techniques of treatment and health care.

The attention of those interested in medical matters from the need for cosmetic surgery or treatment to Turkey.

We offer our medical services through our cooperation with the most famous treatment centers and hospitals in Turkey to offer our clients:

Medical tourism trips and recuperation after treatment.

Hospital and hotel bookings during the treatment period in Turkey.

Medical consultations by specialists before starting treatment.

One of the medical fields covered by our services in Al Rwad Turk:

1- Cosmetic operations ..

Today, cosmetic surgery around the world is expanding. The development of its tools and the diversity of its fields have helped it, and it is no longer the need for perfection but an urgent need imposed by certain diseases and conditions.

Today, cosmetic operations in Turkey are expanding significantly, and our extensive relationships with the best hospitals and doctors provide the following cosmetic operations for clients:

  • 1 – facial beautification (such as nose, wrinkle removal, face lift, dermabrasion, etc.).
  • 2 – body beautification processes (such as body sculpting, liposuction and injection, skin tightening of legs and hands, chest surgeries).
  • 3. Removal processes (eg burns, effects of infections, accidents, etc.).

If you want to inquire about any of these operations and booking them can communicate with our team and send the status information and reports available to view the specialists and identify the most appropriate treatment.

2 - hair transplantation ..

The factors that cause hair loss to many people vary, such as illness or loss due to care and nutrition factors.

It is no secret that the presence of hair effect on the beauty of appearance and shape, whether for men or women, and gives him the beautiful and thick hair of confidence and excellence of the owner.

In this field, medical expertise in Turkey has taken care of the development of hair transplantation and modernizing its techniques to suit all cases.

We are in the lead Turk to maintain and cooperate with the best medical personnel specialized in hair transplantation in Turkey to provide the following services:

  • Cultivation of head hair.
  • Cultivation of eyebrow and beard hair.
  • Hair transplantation for diabetics.

We ensure the best medical consultations before coming to Turkey, and the best care and follow-up after the transplant to ensure the proper functioning of the results.

3 - Surgical operations ..

It is well-known that when a person needs surgery of any kind and gravity, he is still looking for the best doctors and hospitals that ensure success of the work and good care of the patient.

The medical staff and hospitals with which we cooperate with Al-Ruwad Tork have the best care and expertise to carry out the most difficult and accurate surgical procedures, which have become a great development technique and types of continuous ramifications:

  • Heart operations: These operations include coronary surgery, valve repair or replacement, as well as heart transplantation.
  • Orthopedic Surgery: These operations address the problems of birth defects and accidents in the hand, foot, knee, spine, shoulder and others, which affects the structure of the body.
  • Ophthalmology: Surgery includes all parts of the eye from the visual tract, cornea, iris, retina, eyelids and lacrimal system. The most important operations are removal of blue and white water, laser vision correction, lens implantation and others.

4- Dental treatment ..

Having beautiful, shiny and healthy teeth is a concern for many people, and they are always looking for high-quality, high-quality dental treatment to get the best results.

The field of dental treatment in Turkey today is so large and sophisticated that it makes the destination of everyone who needs the treatment of high quality.

We have focused our experience in the pioneer Turk to cooperate with the best medical competencies and specialized centers in Turkey to provide our clients the following services:

The techniques in this surgical procedure in Turkey are well developed in terms of the roots used and the durability of their manufacture, also in terms of cultivation without side effects and follow-up in a manner that ensures the good results.

A process that aims to improve the appearance of teeth and color by adding a cosmetic crust to it from the materials dedicated to whiteness, and this layer to take care of the color of teeth and their size and shape to be consistent and attractive.

It is one of the most common procedures as a non-surgical, and is based on the removal of sediment and lightening the color of teeth resulting from spilled spots.

The techniques depend on the diversity of the person’s condition and need, but all lead to one satisfactory result in terms of color and brightness.

For any of the previous surgical and therapeutic procedures, you can contact us at Pioneer Turk for more details, to present the situation to the specialists and to coordinate the required bookings.

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