Turkey is today one of the most attractive tourist destinations around the world. Anyone who thinks of a special tourist trip during holidays is thinking first of visiting Turkey because of its comprehensive tourist attractions of nature, entertainment and civilization.

In this area, our team in Al-Ruwad Turk offers a range of unique tourist services that every tourist in Turkey needs:

1 - Organizing tourism programs within Groubat ..

The vastness and diversity of Turkey’s tourist attractions make it a difficult choice for tourists to visit.

So we take the lead in Turk the task of organizing tourism programs to the most important areas in Istanbul and beyond, within the packages that allow the tourist to recognize new friends and spend time with them.

The most important flights we organize in and around Istanbul:

  • Tours within Istanbul (Sultanahmet, Taksim Square, Istiklal Street, Ortakwe, Shopping Centers, Floria, Uscudar).
  • Princess Islands Trip.
  • Spanga and the Ostrich.
  • Boursa tour.
  • Yalova tour..
  • Trip of Sheila and Agua.

From trips in different regions of Turkey we have a distinguished group to:

  • Trabzon.
  • Antalya.
  • Cappadocia.
  • Mersin.
  • Dalian.

Contact our team to coordinate your trips and secure the right bookings for you.

2 - Organizing tourism programs for VIP cars ..

Visiting Turkey in the spring, summer or even winter holidays is the choice of many today. The beauty of nature and the diversity of tourist facilities make tourism available and beautiful throughout the year.

Tork’s team is aware of the desire of some to tour private cars with only their family or companions.

For this purpose, we offer a special VIP car hire service for those who wish. Special trips include:

  • Private car chosen by tourists for tours.
  • Tourism programs for the most important Turkish regions, taking into account the length of stay of the tourist and his desire to visit specific places.
  • The existence of tourist guides throughout the period.

For more details, you can contact our tour team at Al Ruwad Turk.

3 - Secure hotel reservations ..

Hotel reservations are of interest to the tourist when he thinks of visiting Turkey, and has many options and open from hotels and difficult to choose the most appropriate and better not to know often the nature of these hotels and their areas.

Therefore, we can rely on our team to secure hotel reservations in Turkey, where we have experience in knowing the best hotels in the vital areas of the Turkish cities, and we can provide special offers for our customers.

If the customer continues with us, we will send him pictures of the rooms available in the hotels and prices to choose the most suitable for him, and then we complete the reservation procedures in full.

We have four-star hotels and five-star hotels with premium services, including the following basic needs:

  • In-room Internet access.
  • breakfast.
  • The bathroom is equipped with all personal care facilities.
  • There is a TV screen.
  • Daily cleaning of rooms and laundry.

In addition to other facilities and services vary from one hotel to another, you can see the full details by contacting us.

4 - Secure vehicle reservations ..

Some want to be associated with work in Turkey, or visit relatives and friends with a private car that meets their needs.

You can request a car from the team and choose the right type for the number of people and use there are mountain cars, sports and so on.

You can also order the car with driver or without driver, and we provide you with this option the best drivers who have experience in driving and Turkish areas and are fluent in Arabic for easy communication.

By contacting our team you can see the available types and request the service to be ready by the time you arrive in Turkey.

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